No wave back

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DOCUMENTARY - 46 min - 2018

One man, one place, one wave. Mass of information, months of preparation. Drama, fear, respect and motive? Why is he doing this?
Matěj – the first Czech to surf the big wave in Spain. The biggest step in his career – and in his life.



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We are a crew working in various fields of film industry for more that 12 years. With Filmwood platform we are focused on own documentary projects about life style around the world that we believe in. We collaborate with professional qualified team of cameramans, sound guys and postproduction studios.

Filmwood is focused on quality documentaries that are being sold worldwide while being successful on many festivals. We trust our flow will stay for all following projects.

Filmwood is focus for quality documentaries which are selling worldwide and having success on many festivals. We believe we ll stay with our flow for the following projects.



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Director / Art development

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